Lien Searches and Filings

Major law firms and lenders have trusted us for their lien search and filing needs
for four decades.

As a transactional professional, you need a lien search and filing team that knows the complexities of UCC Article 9 and the irregularities in filing office recording practices and index search logic.  From pre-closing lien searches to post-closing UCC searches, our experienced, highly-trained team can provide results across the U.S. and Canada. In addition to our user-friendly reports, we automatically provide you with a customizable project spreadsheet for reviewing your results.

With Capitol Services, you get prompt results with best-in-class service.

Filing and Search
Services Offered

  • Nationwide services
  • UCC lien searches
  • UCC lien filings
  • Tax and judgment lien searches
  • Litigation and bankruptcy searches
  • OFAC searches
  • Miscellaneous lien searches
  • Recurring searches
  • UCC Filing Manager