UCC Filing Forms

Below are the National UCC filing forms recommended under Revised Article 9 and its 2010 amendments. We made these nationally-approved forms, as well as the older forms accepted by New York, available for your use in filing preparation and submission. If you have questions about the appropriate form to use or any filing requirements, please reference our Form Acceptance GuideContact Us online or call our Lien Services team at 800-345-4647.

(Note: To save the form to your computer, right-click on a link and choose ‘Save Target As…’)

National UCC Filing Forms (New) – Not accepted in New York:

UCC1 Forms (Rev. 7/1/23)

UCC3 Forms (Rev. 7/1/23)

UCC1 Forms (Rev. 4/20/11)

UCC3 Forms (Rev. 4/20/11)

Forms for use in New York:

UCC1 Forms (Rev. 5/22/02)

UCC3 Forms (Rev. 5/22/02)