UCC Filing Manager

Your state-of-the-art platform for securely filing and tracking all of your UCC filings.

Available at no cost to you, our trustworthy UCC Filing Manager has many features designed to make filing management easier for legal professionals and lenders. You can not only quickly prepare and file your UCC filings, but also minimize rejections with our jurisdiction-specific filing requirement alerts. This will save time and effort when recreating similar filings on the fly. UCC Filing Manager’s maintenance features include an archive of filed evidence and an automated tickler system for expiration reminders. Enjoy the peace of mind that you will be notified when a filing is due to lapse. After notification of an upcoming lapse, simply click once to file a UCC-3 Continuation. If you have filings completed outside of UCC Filing Manager, you can even enter them for future management.

UCC Filing Manager is like having your own personal UCC filing assistant. You have to see it to believe it.

UCC Filing Manager Features

  • Online or paper filing
  • Filing requirement alerts
  • Filing records
  • Filing amendments
  • Continuation notices
  • Filing replication
  • Party information library
  • Collateral repository