Did You Know?

Your White Glove Agent

Did you know that our company’s Registered Agent services stand out for a couple of key reasons? Instead of relying on virtual mailboxes, our registered office addresses are brick and mortar locations. Rather than outsourcing the processing of your sensitive legal documents received in the U.S. to individuals overseas, we take pride in our in-house capabilities, which result in better quality control and accuracy.

Courtesy of our workflow, we maintain direct authority over our Client Service Representatives (CSRs) who handle Service of Process. We carefully train our CSRs and ensure they have the expertise to handle these critical documents accurately, including the review and approval of each document before it is forwarded to you.

Beyond the benefits of in-house operations, our company takes data security and confidentiality seriously. We have implemented proprietary technology and internal methods that eliminate the need for third-party involvement in storing your Service of Process. This protects your documents and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access.

In addition to our advanced technology and robust security measures, we pride ourselves on providing superior service. When you contact us, you won’t encounter automated responses — instead, you’ll be greeted by a knowledgeable representative ready to assist you promptly and personally.

Choose our Registered Agent services for the peace of mind that comes with our in-house capabilities, rigorous quality control, and commitment to exceptional customer service. Experience the difference for yourself.