Did You Know?

Wrap Your Arms Around Compliance

Consequences of failing to file your annual reports can be significant.

Penalties include:
• Administrative dissolution or revocation
• Loss of right to use your corporate name
• Tax liens against you for unpaid taxes
• Voidable contracts if entered into while in bad standing
• Breach or default of duties under financing agreements

Keeping up with reporting requirements and due dates can be a headache. The task isn’t made any easier with so many states ceasing to send reminders of annual report due dates. Business owners are left to fend for themselves resulting in many companies falling out of good standing each year.

Don’t put your business at risk. Sign up for our Annual Report Management Service (ARMS), and let us manage your filings! ARMS is an auxiliary service offered to companies that have appointed us as their registered agent. We can help take the pain out of annual report compliance.