Delaware Delays

Utilize Expedite Options to Secure File Dates

You may have noticed increased messaging from Capitol Services related to delays in one of our busiest filing jurisdictions: Delaware. As circumstances change, so too do the specifics of processing turnaround. At the time of this post, routine processing of Delaware filings is over a month behind. Further, if a filing is in process, you cannot obtain good standings or filed documents because the entity’s filing history and status is incomplete during this pending period.

Expedited processing is a “must” if you have an upcoming closing or a required filing date. Avoid unexpected delays and choose a level of expedited processing that will best fit your needs:

Turnaround Time Expedite Fee Submission Cutoff*
24 Hour $50-$100 6:45p EST**
Same Day $100-$200 1:45p EST
2 Hour $500 4:45p EST
1 Hour $1,000 5:45p EST
30 Minutes*** $1,500 6:15p EST

* Submission Cutoff Time refers to time submitted to Capitol Services.
** 24 Hour Expedited Filings submitted after 6:45pm EST can still be processed until 8:30pm EST if they are submitted directly through the email address.
*** The state will not guarantee 30 minute processing, rather, they will guarantee that all 30 minute processing requests will move ahead of other service requests in the queue. If the 30 minute timeline is not met, the price will be adjusted to match the expedited time level they were able to accommodate.

It’s important to note that while Delaware has stopped offering preclearance checks, they do still allow a 5 business day grace period wherein you can make corrections to rejected documents and still maintain your original date of submission. As with so many things in recent months and years, news and events are changing rapidly. Be sure to ask your customer service representative about the latest delays and turnaround for expedited processing.