Why a Mailbox is a Bad Idea

Did you know that state laws mandate that a corporate entity must maintain both a registered agent and registered office on public record? Both the agent and office must be physically located in the state in which the business is registered. In addition to having a registered agent listed in the domestic home state, a company must also have a registered agent in each state where business is transacted. This consumer- and business-protection requirement is intended to ensure that both the state and public have record of a point of contact for the business entity. The primary purpose of this contact is to aptly receive and quickly forward legal service of process and other important notices.

Failure to acknowledge legal communication in a timely manner exposes an entity to many inconvenient and costly risks such as default judgments, and loss of good standing resulting in revocation and forfeiture of business registration, to name a few. For this reason, a company must maintain a valid registered agent and address. Many states explicitly prohibit entities from listing virtual addresses, post office boxes, private mailboxes, and from using private mailbox providers as registered office addresses. Utilizing a trusted professional nationwide registered agent service provider gives you the national presence a company needs and helps reduce the chances of delayed receipt of vital information.

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