Our Streamlined CTA Referral Process

Offering Client-Friendly Solutions

As we navigate the new era of business compliance under the Corporate Transparency Act, we’ve simplified the process to ensure your clients’ entities remain compliant in a way that works best for you (and your client).

Here’s a quick guide in 5 simple steps:

  1. Formation Request: Send us your entity formation request, and if desired, specify including associated BOI report and/or EIN application filing in your invoice.
  2. Formation Evidence: Receive emailed evidence of your formation, including a link to CapitolBCM for convenience. Forwarding this evidence to your client will allow them the option to take action independently by accessing CapitolBCM as a guest user.
  3. Upload Information: To continue the compliance process, upload and submit all sensitive ID information directly through CapitolBCM.
  4. Dedicated CTA Specialist: Our specialized team will efficiently handle your compliance order.
  5. FinCEN Submission: Receive confirmation of your FinCEN submission and an invoice for provided services.