Mergers, Conversions, and Dissolutions

Keeping up with the requirements for mergers, conversions, and dissolutions is pivotal for entities looking to modify their current operating procedures.

Being a timely year end matter, Capitol Services’ corporate experts put together a list of the top 5 most frequently asked questions and their answers to help you better navigate these topics.

Q: Do all states allow for conversions?
A: No, there are still a number of states that have no provision in their statute for the conversion from one entity type to another. Still others restrict it to some types of conversions and not others.

Q: What is “redomestication”?
A: This is the term that some states use when an entity converts from one state or country to another.

Q: Is tax clearance required from this merger, conversion, or dissolution?
A: This varies greatly by state and entity type. Our customer service representatives can help you navigate the requirements of each jurisdiction.

Q: May I list a delayed effective date on my filing?
A: This, too, varies by jurisdiction and filing type. We can help.

Q: What needs to be done in the foreign jurisdictions when a company merges, converts, or dissolves in the home state?
A: Filings will need to be made in each state in which the company is qualified to evidence the merger, conversion, or dissolution. We can guide you as to what filings are required in the relevant jurisdictions.

Capitol Services is always happy to help with any other questions you may have.