Life Outside

From Business Plan to Game Plan

We couldn’t let John Robinson and Cheryl Roberts retire without one last Q & A:

John Robinson and Cheryl Roberts

Life Outside

Any favorite Capitol Services memories?

: There are just too many to even begin to list. After all, a lot happens over 45 years. What’s really remarkable, however, is that I don’t have any bad memories.

Cheryl: I have so many memories it’s difficult to narrow down, but I’d have to say some of the most memorable moments are tied to our numerous holiday celebrations over the years — especially Halloween. Our staff has always gone “above and beyond” with their costumes and their imagination.

What will daily life look like for you post-retirement?

: One thing I’m doing for sure is getting our Golden Retriever, Toffee, trained to be a therapy dog. She is perfect for that.

Cheryl: Quite honestly, I still haven’t figured this one out. I was an art major in college before my CSI life, so I’m hoping I’ll get back to being creative in some form or fashion.

Do you have any big plans that you’re looking forward to?

: Several trips are planned. We’re going to Europe this summer and South Africa in the fall.

Cheryl: I’m looking forward to spending more time with my kids and grandkids. I’m also looking forward to rekindling old friendships.

You’ve seen one another and made business decisions together on a regular basis for over 45 years. How does it feel to be going separate ways?

: Too soon to tell. It hasn’t really sunk in yet. Ask me in a year.

Cheryl: That would be very strange. Other than my family, my connection with John is the longest ongoing relationship I’ve ever had. Although we won’t see each other as often, I don’t see that ending anytime soon. I’m pretty sure we’ll always be connected one way or the other, whether he likes it or not. 😊

Any words of parting wisdom?

: We chose the right time to retire, and the right investors to take Capitol Services to the next level.

Cheryl: There are words I read years ago in some publication that resonated with me. I’ve kept them close to my heart and have tried to live by them ever since. “So in short…be kind, do good work, surround yourself with good people, and have some fun along the way.” They’ve served me well.


What are you going to miss now that you’re unemployed?

: I’m going to miss the people. Definitely the people. Not just our employees and coworkers, but also the state officials and competitors that I got to know over the years.

Cheryl: I’m going to miss the relationships established with members of our staff and many of our clients. I’ve been so blessed over the years. The people I count as my very closest friends are relationships made through our mutual connection to CSI — former working associates, clients, even competitors. I don’t consider them just friends; they’re family.

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