Don’t Miss Your Filing Date. File Early!

Don’t shoot the messenger, but…

  • Expect longer than usual turn-around times
  • Pandemic-related staffing shortages contribute to filing delays
  • Last-minute jurisdictional closings are likely
  • Submission dates are not always honored as effective dates

In the final issue of our newsletter each year, we remind our clients to file early. This is a gentle reminder that our nation’s filing offices can see hectic volume in the fourth quarter and year-end is the busiest time for corporate filings. Our advice: Don’t wait!

Here in Texas, the physical closure of our Comptroller’s office during the pandemic has been a very real roadblock to getting tax clearance. While we are unable to assist in obtaining sensitive tax information, tax clearance can be requested through the Comptroller’s website by using the company’s WebFile number.

State counters in Sacramento, California, are still closed to the public indefinitely and filers are forced to use lobby drop-boxes or the eForms platform to submit filings online. Note that all expedite services remain suspended and filings will not retain the date of submission if rejected.

In addition to California and Texas, many other jurisdictions are also lagging considerably in turn-around times and not all will honor submission dates as file dates, so we strongly recommend expedite service options where available for documents needing 2021 effective dates. Many states will also have both planned and late-notice holiday closures; Delaware, for instance, will be closed on December 31. Layer short-staffing on top of end-of-year volume, lengthy turn-around times, and state holiday closures and you’ve got a recipe for disaster when it comes to achieving your preferred effective dates.

Don’t let all of these seasonal jurisdiction hurdles set you back! We’re here to help. Contact us today so that we can get a strategic plan in place for your December projects.