Delaware Update

The Division of Corporations has had a shift in its holiday schedule and will be closed tomorrow. Due to the nature of the closure, they have opted to declare an Extraordinary Event for Friday, December 23.

The following should answer most questions pertaining to this closure:

• The state of Delaware will be closed on Friday, December 23;
• Our representatives will be able to submit documents on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week to request the December 23, 2022 file date; however an Extraordinary Event waiver will be attached to the filing;
• We are able to order good standings, plain copies, certified copies and UCC searches, but will not be able to submit filings on December 23;
• UCC Filings will not be able to be filed with the December 23, 2022 file date.

In addition to Delaware’s closure, other state offices may experience late-notice closures related to either winter weather or the upcoming holiday. State office closure information can always be found here: https://bit.ly/2MFeBSO. We encourage you to check back often as we will update closures as we become aware.