System Upgrade Impacts Turn-Around Times

California Secretary of State launched the enhanced bizfile Online platform on April 7 and system challenges have resulted in delayed turnaround times. Expedite service is available for filings submitted through their online system; however, access to file from an authorized party of record is required for certain types of filings. In the event that access cannot be obtained, over-the-counter submission remains an option for routine filings and to secure file dates.

Filings and other over-the-counter submissions are currently taking about 10-15+ business days to be processed as the State works through a backlog of work to retire their previous system. Expedite service (24-hour @ $350 and same-day @ $750) is available for documents submitted through the bizfile system.

“New” filings such as formations, qualifications, and statements of information may be filed online with no special access required. “Change” filings such as amendments, mergers, and conversions will require access to be granted to the submitter. Turnaround times are expected to improve as the State gets caught up. Our team will present you with all possible submission options during this time to ensure you get the best possible service that is available.

For questions how this may impact your California projects, please contact your Client Services representative directly or reach out to us below.