Helpful Tips


It looks official, but private operators are fooling companies into filing non-required forms or offering non-existent services for a hefty fee. Attorneys General are “trying to crack down” on such deceptive practices. Know how to spot phonies and only file authentic documents by following these helpful tips:

  • Check with local AG offices for scams circulating in areas where you do business
  • Do not reply to emails from unverified sources (or open links/attachments)
  • Read the fine print, look for statements like: “This is not a governmental agency”
  • Be especially vigilant when receiving correspondence from:
    • Annual Business Services
    • Business Filing Services
    • Corporate Records Service
    • Division of Corporate Services
    • Trademark Compliance Center International Catalogue of Trademarks, TM Edition
  • Remember important entity information, such as qualification date; mark calendars or sign up for entity compliance, (like our ARMS program) to be sure statutory requirements are met

As registered agent, we watch for this stuff so you don’t have to. No matter the department, our knowledgeable staff knows how to identify scammers. So when in doubt, give Capitol a call or shoot us a copy of the questionable form. We’ll help you chunk that junk and get on with your day!