Did You Know?

A Word of Corporate Caution

The file-date given to a corporate filing is not always the date of submission. Some states assign the date the filing is processed and accepted as the file-date. Given the processing time of the state filing office there may be a difference of days or even weeks between the date of submission and the actual file date.

The calculation of a projected file date is made even more complicated by the manner in which states handle errors within filings or rejected documents. For example, Texas gives filings the date of submission if they are accepted, but the date is lost if the document is rejected. Once accepted, the corrected filing is given the date of resubmission as the file-date. Other states, such as Delaware, will give you a finite period of time to address any issues in the filing and still hold the date of original submission as the file-date.

Knowledge of filing date rules in each jurisdiction is invaluable as deadlines occur. Let us help you navigate the nuances.