Annual Report Management


What are annual reports? Am I required to file an annual report?

Most entity types in most states are required to make a periodic report filing with the Secretary of State (or equivalent office) in order to maintain good standing. Generally, these filings are made annually or biennially, depending upon the laws of that state.

We do offer an Annual Report Management Service (ARMS) to our registered agent clients. However, your registered agent is not responsible for filing your annual reports. With this optional service, we actively manage the annual report process for any applicable entity registrations. We create a calendar system, gather the required entity information from you, and file annual reports before they are due. If you prefer to manage your annual reports, but would like assistance submitting them for filing, you can send them to our Corporate department.

The majority of states and entity types are eligible for ARMS. However, there are certain states and entity types that are excluded from this service due to tax and other financial calculation requirements. For the majority of the excluded states and entity types, we offer a notification service in which we email report due date reminders to a designated contact within your organization.

In order to fully provide you with information on ARMS, you should visit our Annual Report Management Service Details page.

To ensure that reports are properly filed, it is paramount that you notify us in a timely manner regarding any changes to the information required for annual report filings. Please email us at and we will gladly update our records.

ARMS is an automatic filing service. Once enrolled, we will automatically file your reports up to ninety (90) days prior to the due date unless specifically instructed otherwise.

We do not offer business license or tax filing services.