Did You Know?

Core Duties of a Registered Agent

Most companies understand that they are required to designate a registered agent on their application to do business in each state. But, are you familiar with the duties of a registered agent? State statutes set forth a registered agent’s core responsibilities. Generally, these responsibilities are to:

1. Maintain a physical address (a registered office) in the state;
2. Receive legal process, notices and demands on behalf of the represented company, and forward such documents to the company at the address most recently provided by the company;
3. Notify the company if the registered agent’s address changes or if the registered agent resigns.

A company’s registered agent is not statutorily responsible for submitting tax or annual report filings on the company’s behalf or paying any fees for the company. A registered agent is also not responsible for the forwarding of general mail. Many companies incorrectly use the registered agent/office address for their mailing address on registration forms. The mailing address should actually be an address for the company and not the registered agent.