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December 2022 | Vol. 34 | No. 4
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The Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) released its final rule regarding the reporting requirements of the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”). With the goal of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism, the CTA sets forth requirements for many companies to disclose certain company information, including beneficial ownership information, to FinCEN. Beginning January 1, 2024, domestic entities and foreign entities registered to do business in the U.S., who do not meet one of the 23 listed exemptions, will be required to submit a report containing company, beneficial owner, and, for newly formed or registered entities, company applicant information.

A beneficial owner is defined as any individual who, directly or indirectly, either (1) exercises substantial control over a reporting company or (2) owns or controls at least 25% of the ownership interests of a reporting company. FinCEN has limited the definition of company applicant to 2 individuals, the individual who directly files the document that creates or registers the company, and the individual who is primarily responsible for directing or controlling the filing. For each beneficial owner and each company applicant, the reporting company must report the individual’s full legal name, date of birth, a unique identifying number from an acceptable identification document along with an image of such document, and a complete current address.

FinCEN is developing rules for who may access beneficial ownership information and is also in the process of creating an electronic filing system to house the information submitted. We understand that many of our clients have questions about the reporting requirements including whether Capitol Services will be offering the filings as a service. Rest assured that we are closely monitoring the regulations and will keep our clients up to date as we learn more and determine our approach.

2022 Top Workplaces

We are honored to be recognized for the 13th consecutive year as a Top Workplace by the Austin American-Statesman.

We have been so excited to see our employees reconnecting with old friends and welcoming new colleagues at the office, and we were especially excited to be able to celebrate this achievement in person this year.

Did You Know?


The state recently enacted legislation (House Bill 2057) requiring business entities to file annual reports with the Pennsylvania Department of State beginning in 2024. This new annual report requirement replaces the current (and confusing) requirement to file decennial reports during years ending with the numerical “1” (e.g. 2001, 2011, 2021).

Annual reports will be due before July 1 for domestic and foreign corporations and non-profit corporations, before October 1 for domestic and foreign limited liability companies (LLCs) and on or before December 31 for any other form of domestic or foreign association.

The legislation requires the Pennsylvania Department of State to deliver an annual report notice to each entity at least two months before its annual report is due. If an entity fails to file an annual report, it will be subject to administrative dissolution.

For more information regarding this bill and other recent legislation, please visit the new legislative blog page on our website.

Events and Happenings


The Nebraska Paralegal Association hosted its Fall Seminar in mid-September, where Territory Sales Manager Tom Woodrome was able to connect with some of our Nebraska clients in person.

Photo (L–R): Tom Woodrome with Amber Roberts.


2022 TAPS

Territory Sales Manager Kristi Solt traveled to Fort Worth in late September to attend the Texas Advanced Paralegal Seminar, a 3-day networking event put on by the Paralegal Division of the State Bar of Texas and the TAPS Planning Committee.

Photo (L–R): Kristi Solt with Kerri Alexander-Overfelt.


2022 Houston Client Reception
2022 Houston Client Reception

Cheryl Roberts, Kevin Roberts, Dana Blankenship, Kristi Solt, Yvette Cleveland, Shawna Smith, and Janine Bequette had the pleasure of mingling with Houston-area clients and friends at our annual Houston Client Reception, which was held in mid-October. More photos from the event can be found here.

After the 2-year hiatus, we are so glad to be back in the swing of things and able to see all of you in person again.

Top Photo (LR): Liza Ehlers, Zory Agosto, Kevin Roberts, and Dana Blankenship.

Bottom Photo (LR): Richard LaMothe and Taffie Milligan.


2022 IPMA

Kevin Roberts, Dean Pallas, and Cindy Wamsley were thrilled to attend the 38th Annual International Practice Management Association Conference and Expo October 18-21. The event was held in person after several years of remote events. We always enjoy the opportunity to sponsor and attend these networking events, and IPMA always does a fantastic job hosting them.

Photo (L–R): Cindy Wamsley, Dean Pallas, and Kevin Roberts.

A Closer Look with...

Taylor Seay

2017 · Tallahassee · Corporate

What is the scariest thing you’ve done?

Skydiving, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Describe one of your parent’s funniest traits.

My stepdad is covered in tattoos and rides a Harley (motorcycle), but is the softest man I’ve ever met.

If you were entering a baking contest, what recipe would you make?

Hummingbird cake from scratch. It’s my mother’s favorite.

What is something you hate, but wish you loved?

Sweets! I HATE dessert, but it is such a common sharing of people. Sugar just isn’t my thing — bring on the chips! I don’t even eat my own birthday cake…


Jenn Hamm

2019 · Austin · Corporate

What is the scariest thing you’ve done?

Being a creature of habit — probably a tie between moving to Austin and leaving ER nursing. It took a huge leap of faith to make those changes, and they’ve mostly worked out.

Describe one of your parent’s funniest traits.

My mom has “sneaky sass.” She’s a super cute uber mom type that takes care of everyone, but she’ll call out nonsense at times with pointed snark that is both shocking and hilarious. I can’t get enough, it’s incredibly delightful.

If you were entering a baking contest, what recipe would you make?

I’m not a baker, but I would love to learn how to make bagels.

What is something you hate, but wish you loved?

Road trips/long car rides. I love seeing scenery, but the sitting for long periods of time part is not my jam.

Capitolly Ever After


Yero – Peterson

Yero - Peterson Wedding

Laura Yero (Austin — Accounting) and Bryan Peterson said “I Do” on August 27 in true Texas style at The Wildflower Barn in Driftwood, just outside of Austin. The couple held an outdoor ceremony at dusk surrounded by family and close friends. They’re currently in the planning stages for a Fall 2023 honeymoon.

McCarty – Comegys

McCarty - Comegys Wedding

Kylie McCarty (Dover) and Brandon Comegys tied the knot in a beautiful fall ceremony in Killens Pond State Park in Felton, Delaware, on October 22. The couple hope to take their honeymoon in Bora Bora at a later date yet to be determined. In the meantime, they’ll settle into their newlywed status at home with their 2 dogs, an Alaskan Malamute and a dachshund.



Our UCC Search team eagerly welcomed the return of Isai Cortinas, who’s back after a brief stint in the world of tech start-up. During his absence, he and his girlfriend adventured their way through Disney World, Epcot Center, and Disneyland, where he was finally able to build his own custom Star Wars lightsaber at Savi’s workshop. Isai is an avid soccer player, and when not playing on the field, you can find him engrossed in an online game of Rainbow Six Siege or Phasmaphobia. Isai and his girlfriend live with their Australian cattle dog, Blue, while his other 2 dogs, Cersei the pit bull and Princess the Doberman Pinscher, stay with his parents.

Our Corporate team is excited to be joined by Deborah Kinney, who has a background in the business of insurance. Originally from Huntsville, Texas, Deborah spent time in California and Kansas before making the move back to her home state in 2017, and she’s been in the Austin area ever since. Deborah has a son, and together they own and ride horses. She’s also a big fan of winter! She’s already got plans in the works for a snow skiing escapade in New Mexico, and her bucket list includes experiencing some Canadian cold weather one day.

Justine Alires joins our growing IT Development team. Engineering runs in her family! While this New Mexico native is a software engineer, her identical twin sister is a hardware engineer. She’s also a mother to 2 daughters who are pursuing their educations in Houston and Seattle, respectively. In her free time, she enjoys sewing and quilting and is always on the hunt for a fun fabric store to drop into.

Our HR department welcomes the addition of Moira Plowey to the team as a Recruiting Coordinator. Originally from Belize, Moira spent most of her school years in Houston before heading to the Central Texas area to pursue her degree at Texas State University. She recently became engaged on a spectacularly memorable 10-day trip to Italy, and together she and her fiancé have a 2-year-old goldendoodle, Moose. Our company-wide fantasy football league be warned — this girl’s coming in hot with a fantasy football champion win already under her belt!

Nathan Carlson joins our UCC Online Research team with a strong eye for detail. This graphic design student is a natural creative, also pursuing music in his free time. Native to Austin, he’s been playing instruments and writing music since he was very young and plays in several bands locally. He also enjoys exploring! He’s got 45 states and most major cities already crossed off his road trip list and is looking forward to getting the next adventure underway. We can’t forget to mention he lives with a dog named Nacho, because who doesn’t love a good boy named Nacho?

Our Registered Agent team is stoked about the return of Kim Lopez, who is re-joining us after dipping her toes into the field of education. She’ll be tackling the critical task of Service of Process this go-round, and assisting in Annual Report Management as needed. Kim is recently married to her high school sweetheart and has 2 small doggos, Peluche and Canela. She’s an active soccer player and through the pandemic delved into her creative side via crafting, making shirts and decals among many other fun items. She and her family were able to make a trip to the West Coast for a Disneyland vacation 2 years ago, which she hopes to do again one day.

Our UCC department gained another Cortinas in Keyla Cortinas, sister to Isai, who comes to our UCC Filings team with super-hero strengths in adaptability and patience after time spent working in the field of high school education. Like her brother, she’s also a huge soccer enthusiast and attends as many Austin FC games as she possibly can. Keyla is the youngest in her family with 2 older brothers, and her pet family consists of Peppa the piglet, Peach the snake, and Twinkie the dog. She’ll also jump at any opportunity to head north to her happy place of Colorado!

Our HR department also welcomes Valerie Barboza to the Learning and Development team as an Instructional Designer. Born in San Antonio, Valerie made her way to Austin by way of the University of Texas, where she graduated with a Mathematics degree and a secondary education certificate. One of her most memorable experiences was teaching English and Canadian history to kids in Shanghai, China. Her mental escapes include watching anime and playing Nintendo Switch, and when she’s needing exercise, she enjoys hiking and ballet. Her family consists of her husband and their pets, Klay the dog, and Nellie the cat.

Carson City

Rhonda Tuin joins us bringing 25+ years of valuable experience from the Nevada Secretary of State’s Corporations division. Originally from Montana, Rhonda has been in Nevada for more than 30 years and has 2 children, Felecia and John, and 4 grandchildren ranging in age from 4 to 8. Her family also consists of dogs Reggie, Jasmine, and puppy Jax — with the youngest keeping her on her toes! Her favorite vacation to date has been to the beautiful coast of Oregon and she loves to read, cross stitch, and knit in her free time.


Javier in the Air

Javier Ayala

While it’s safe to say that the pandemic was a challenging time for the world collectively, it also forced many of us to find new ways of connecting with one another and entertaining ourselves, and for Javier Ayala (Austin — I.T.), it did just that. At the onset of the lockdown, he decided to host a daily beer review posted to his personal social media account to help support a friend who had recently opened a small beer bottle shop specializing in local, regional, and national craft beer. Committing himself to his “Beer a Day” series for 100 consecutive days, he set out to drive traffic to his friend’s new business in the only way he knew how during the precarious time. One hundred days later, an idea was born. Javier set out to create a video blog (also known as a “vlog”) dedicated to the exploration of craft beer culture. Now in its 3rd season, Javier in the Air has evolved to include more than just beer culture. Each episode offers a segment called “Spirit Time”, which is dedicated to the review of a featured liquor, beer, or wine. He also uses his platform to support and explore local mom-and-pop businesses and cover current topics, offering human interest components through interviews along the way.

“Get out and do it! If I had waited for everything to come together, I probably wouldn’t have gotten anything started.” – Javier Ayala
Javier in the Air
Images via YouTube

His advice for anyone thinking about vlogging is simple. “Get out and do it!” he says. Starting with just a computer, he added the software and eventually the camera before finally adding lighting into the mix. “If I had waited for everything to come together, I probably wouldn’t have gotten anything started.” We think that sounds like good life advice, in general, and we can all cheers to that!


We’d like to give a big shout-out to the following employees who are celebrating 5 or more years with the Capitol Services group of companies this quarter. Thank you!
Linda Frank 12/01/1993 Albany
Barbara Kaulfuss 10/17/1994 Albany
Vickie Schulle 11/06/1995 Austin
Mary Shunk 10/13/1997 Albany
Corrine Gonzales 10/01/2004 Austin
Parrish Madonia 12/03/2007 Baton Rouge
Jennifer Woodrome 11/01/2011 Austin
Christine Jones 11/16/2011 Austin
Korie Steele 11/16/2011 Dover
Mary Fink 11/28/2011 Dover
Linda Gemuenden 11/26/2012 Austin
Kevin Roberts 12/16/2014 Tallahassee
Lucky Yang 11/16/2015 Sacramento
Holden Kennedy
Jan Yeager

Where's Logo?


Somewhere out there, our star is out on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and we’re not mad about it.

Get your good lookin’ self in our newsletter! Just take a photo in your Capitol Services t-shirt on your next trip and share it with us.

Logo in Maldives



This is a reminder that our nation’s filing offices can see hectic volume in the fourth quarter and year-end is the busiest time for corporate filings. Our advice: Don’t wait! Ask about expedite options available in your designated filing jurisdiction and take advantage of them when possible.

Above and Beyond

Sergio Padilla
Sergio Padilla

Sergio Appreciation:

“Thank you so much for always being so quick to respond to my panic emails! It’s so helpful any time of the year, but particularly now, during the silly season of year-end. I really appreciate you, your expertise, and all you do for me!”

— Lisa M. – San Antonio, TX

Tara Morales
Tara Morales

Tara and Friends Deliver:

“Y’all have always delivered superior service with wonderful people (and at a highly competitive rate; the borrowers were stunned when I showed them Capitol’s quote versus the one they received from the Evil Empire). Thanks for being you.”

— Linda M. W. – Houston, TX

Brian Radecki
Brian Radecki

Brian Follows Up and Follows Through:

“WOW WOW WOW am I impressed with your follow-up!! I had a reminder on my calendar, but you beat me to it! Thank you so much for being so proactive!”

— Delphine R.-S. – Chicago, IL

Staying in Touch

Lucky # 13! This marks the thirteenth year in a row that Capitol Services has been named one of Austin’s Top Workplaces. The recognition is particularly significant because the award is determined by the feedback of the employees in all of our offices nationwide. We were delighted when we first received the honor in 2010, and we were just as thrilled to receive it again this year. In fact, it’s an honor that has only gotten more meaningful over time.

A lot has changed since we first received the award in 2010. Technology has improved dramatically and the pandemic shifted the way we work in ways that we could not have even imagined back then. But throughout it all, the one constant in our organization has been the employees that are the backbone of our company. They like what they do. They enjoy the camaraderie with their colleagues. And they love serving our clients. They are what make us a Top Workplace!

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