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June 2019 | Vol. 31 | No. 2
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Making connections.

In this day and age, a positive and encouraging company culture is a valuable asset. It is incredibly rewarding to connect with the people that we work alongside every day. We want you to enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with one another.

Creating our pack.

Our hiring philosophy has been to get the right people on the bus and then make sure they are in the right seat. This mindset allows us to attract individuals who innately possess our core values, isolate their individual strengths, and place them on the specialized service team that most closely aligns with those strengths. In short, our goal is to hire good people and set them up for success to allow them to grow into the service superstars that we know they’ll become.

How our culture benefits you.

While you may not be partaking in our ice cream socials, queso cook-offs, putt-putt parties, or corn-hole tournaments, we believe that fostering positive relationships within our own company allows our teams to better and more capably serve you. Team-building, sharing, and laughing with one another creates a safe-space that allows our service to shine when it comes to meticulously handling your important tasks.

So, who’s on your dream team?

We all have our go-to crew. These are the people that we call when we need to leave our tasks in good hands — people who we trust to tackle our tasks as if they were their own. We love hearing how our fine people make your life easier, and we love giving them the kudos they deserve.

2019 Putt-Putt2019 Corn-hole
Our I.T. team’s masterfully crafted putt-putt tribute to cult-movie classic “Office Space.”Jason Fischer (Registered Agent) and Austin Davis (Sales) pair up as team “A Stalk to Remember” for Capitol Services’ 2019 Corn-hole Tournament.

As of today, almost all U.S. states have passed statutes allowing for electronic or e-recording of real estate documents. We are happy to now offer an e-recording service in thousands of counties across the country.

In most cases, e-recording reduces fees and turnaround time for evidence of filing. Because we are able to get an almost immediate satisfaction of filing or rejection, there is no longer a concern that a filing office or delivery service will misplace an important document without us knowing. Postage alone on large recording projects can add significant costs – especially if those large boxes are shipped to your service provider, a local filing office, and then back to your desk.

As we’ve seen with some Secretary of State requirements, it’s not impossible to imagine a day when real estate documents are required to be electronically transmitted. Take advantage of our e-recording service and ask us if your next filing is eligible!

Did You Know?


Legalization is a term used in international law to describe the process of authenticating or certifying a document so that it will be recognized as valid in a foreign country. Legalization creates a chain of authentications, each by a progressively higher government authority, from the country where the document was issued to the embassy or consular office of the country in which the document is to be used. It may sound simple enough, but in practice, legalization can be a complicated sequential process of multiple verifications that can vary by country and government office.

Not all countries, however, require legalization of documents. The Hague Convention is an international treaty, now with over 115 member countries, that specifies the manner through which a document issued in one member country can be certified for legal purposes in each of the other member countries. Certification under the terms of the Hague Convention is called an apostille and is sufficient for acceptance in place of any further legalization processes. The catch, however, is that both countries must be members of the Hague Convention for an apostille to be sufficient.

Whether you need an apostille or legalization, Capitol Services has a dedicated apostille and legalization team with experience working with embassies, consulates, and designated competent authorities. Contact us to help make what can be a timely and complicated process as quick and seamless as possible.

Events and Happenings


Territory Sales Manager Dean Pallas had the opportunity to attend not one, but two IPMA events in April. Capitol Services once again sponsored the association’s Managerial Skills Seminar, which was held in New York on April 5. At the conclusion of that meeting, Dean made the quick hop over to Toronto to participate in that chapter’s vendor showcase on April 8.


The Spring Seminar for the Nebraska Paralegal Association was held on April 12, at Mahoney State Park in Ashland, NE. This is one of the premier events hosted by NePA. Territory Sales Manager Tom Woodrome represented Capitol Services at this full-day CLE seminar that brought together legal professionals from across the state.

2019 IPMA
It was all business at the Capitol Services sponsored 2019 IPMA Managerial Skills Seminar in New York.
2019 NePA
Capitol Services’ Tom Woodrome with Amber Roberts at NePA’s Spring Seminar.


Territory Sales Manager Tom Woodrome joined the St. Louis Paralegal Association at their annual Paralegal Day celebration on May 10. The theme of this networking opportunity was “Unity in Community”, and it did not disappoint.


The Louisiana Secretary of State’s office hosted the 42nd Annual IACA Conference in New Orleans on May 19-23. The International Association of Commercial Administrators held discussions on timely topics such as cyber security, GDPR, and Series LLCs. Kevin Roberts, Director of Sales/Marketing, Lucynda Wood, General Counsel, and legal team member Kathryn Ball attended for Capitol Services.
2019 STLPA
Capitol Services’ Tom Woodrome is joined by Amanda Mason at the Paralegal Day celebration hosted by St. Louis Paralegal Association.
2019 IACA
(L – R) Capitol Services’ Kevin Roberts, Lucynda Wood and Kathryn Ball with IACA President, Carla Bonaventure, and Louisiana Secretary of State staff members Amanda Baker, Elizabeth Nguyen, and Brad Harris.

A Closer Look with...

Mary Shunk


1997 · Albany

What is your perfect weekend getaway?

A weekend at the beach with a good book, a bottle of wine, and no phone.

What 3 things would you never do on vacation?

Wear a watch — who cares what time it is on vacation? Go zip-lining — I’m afraid of heights and even more afraid of falling. Eat raw seafood — that is just gross.

What was your first job?

A cashier at Fays Drugs. It was probably one of the most boring jobs ever, but it gave me spending money in high school and college and that is what mattered.

What traffic laws or moving violations do you always seem to break?

The rolling stop at stop signs; I seem to do this on a daily basis. In my defense, I live in a neighborhood that has stop signs on every other street and everyone does it (she says blinking innocently).


Jessica Guerrieri

2015 · Austin

What is your perfect weekend getaway?

Napa/Sonoma. It’s so pretty and has THE BEST wine ever.

What 3 things would you never do on vacation?

1. Swim with sharks (for obvious reasons)
2. Workout
3. Forget to take pictures

What was your first job?

Ben & Jerry’s. I couldn’t eat ice cream for YEARS after that.

What traffic laws or moving violations do you always seem to break?


Where's Logo?


Logo at the Berlin Wall Memorial in Germany.

Get your good lookin’ self in our newsletter! Just take a photo in your Capitol Services t-shirt on your next trip and share it with us.

Logo at the Berlin Wall Memorial



When filing a UCC against an individual or entity located in a foreign country, it is important to contact local counsel to investigate whether or not filing and due-diligence need to be performed outside of the United States.

Industry news and other useful resources can be found at

Above and Beyond

A paralegal writes to Cindy Wamsley:

“I want to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts to stay connected with our group of legal support personnel. You are a perfect reflection of the professionalism and care I perceive in every interaction I have with Capitol Services.”

— Libby T. W. – Birmingham, AL

Cindy Wamsley

Cindy Wamsley

A note of praise for Krista Abair:

“Krista Abair deserves thanks and appreciation for managing our account so well. We are in good hands with Capitol Services, thank you!”

— Stephanie C. – Carlsbad, CA

Krista Abair

Krista Abair

Winter Gordon received this positive feedback:

“Wow you guys are amazing! Thank you :)”

— Britanee G. – Albany, NY

Winter Gordon

Winter Gordon

Staying in Touch

Years ago our first accountant said that the best thing we had done is hire nice people. We think that is still true today.

We continue to add a great mix of experienced industry veterans and well-prepared newcomers. All of them have been assimilated seamlessly into our existing client service teams.

Build your Capitol Services dream team. One of our new folks may even be working there alongside your established go-to person. They’re all nice people!

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