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December 2023 | Vol. 35 | No. 4
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…And, just like that, January is upon us! The start of the new year means that the much-anticipated Corporate Transparency Act is now a reality.

Under the CTA, most companies in the U.S. will be required to file a report with FinCEN identifying the beneficial owners of their company, any company applicants (if the company is created or registered after January 1, 2024), and certain other company information including legal name, address, jurisdiction of formation, and taxpayer identification number (TIN).


Fear not, we have been preparing for this for a very long time and are here to help! Our team of knowledgeable CSRs is ready to guide you through the process, and our dedicated Beneficial Ownership Information Report filing team is poised to spring into action.

On January 1, 2024, Capitol Business Compliance Manager (CapitolBCM) will launch and be accessible through our Client Dashboard or by going directly to This user-friendly platform will allow you to upload BOI reports, copies of IDs, and other sensitive documents securely. We have a strategic group working hard to grow this platform into a sophisticated compliance tool, and you should expect exciting things to come from this system as it evolves to meet your needs.

All of our experienced customer service representatives who file formations will obtain a FinCEN identification number, and that individual may be listed as one of the company applicants on the BOI report for the company we helped you form. The FinCEN ID will automatically be included in the email with your filing evidence and you will have it at your fingertips.

FinCEN recently announced an extension of the deadline for initial BOI reports on newly formed entities. Reporting companies created or registered between January 1, 2024, and December 31, 2024, will have 90 calendar days after receiving notice of their creation or registration to file their initial reports. On January 1, 2025, that deadline will revert to 30 days.

No other changes have been made to filing due dates. Reporting companies formed or registered before January 1, 2024, will have one year to file their initial reports. Non-exempt companies have 30 days to report changes to the information in their previously filed reports and must correct inaccurate information in previously filed reports within 30 days.

It should be noted that there is no annual filing requirement with FinCEN. Once a company has made its initial filing, another BOI report need not be filed until information on the report changes or the company becomes exempt.

The CTA is the biggest change in our industry in years. Our goal at Capitol Services is to make these filings easy for you, and to that end, we have created new filing packages that include the formation filing and BOI report, with the option of also adding the company’s EIN application.

Contact us at [email protected] or visit to learn more about reporting requirements, FinCEN guidance, view informational webinars by our in-house CTA experts, or start the filing process through CapitolBCM.

Effective December 11, 2023, our Carson City office has moved to:

716 N Carson St. #B
Carson City, NV, 89701

Please update your records accordingly. Our PO Box and contact numbers remain the same. More information on our Carson City hours and service team can be found here.

Did You Know?


Fourth quarter craziness is in full swing. During this hectic time of jurisdiction backlogs, lengthy turnaround times, and holiday closures, you can always lean on our knowledgeable client service representatives to help tackle your to-do list. Our CSRs are experts at navigating the nuances of jurisdiction filing protocols across the nation, including knowing the best available options in securing filing dates that could impact your document’s effective date. Our dedicated after-hours team is available to assist with any late-night requests from 7:00-10:00p Eastern Monday through Friday by utilizing [email protected] or calling us at 888.907.2380.

Events and Happenings


2023 NPRRA

The National Public Records Research Association held its annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky, September 21-23, where Kathryn Ball and Kevin Roberts spoke as experts on their respective human resources and UCC-related Q&A discussion panels. This was 3 full days of education capped off by a speakeasy-style extravaganza. Judging by the photo that was brought back by our own Jennifer Swantek (NPRRA Board of Directors President 2021-2023), NPRRA knows its way around a good time!

Photo (L–R): Rhonda Vaughn, Jennifer Swantek, Eric Geringswald, Heather Dye, Margaret Collins, Tina Lipko.


2023 NEPA

The Nebraska Paralegal Association hosted its Fall Seminar in mid-September, where Territory Sales Manager Tom Woodrome and Director of Service Operations Jennifer Woodrome were in attendance. Jennifer had the privilege of speaking on Corporate Transparency Act compliance and how best to prepare.

Photo (L–R): Jessica McArdle, Angel Younger, Jennifer Woodrome, and Amber Roberts.


2023 Houston Client Reception 2023 Houston Client Reception

Kevin Roberts, Dana Blankenship, Annie Roberts, Krista Abair, and Lucynda Wood enjoyed an evening in late October with Houston-area clients and friends at our annual Houston Client Reception. We caught up with many familiar faces and had the pleasure of meeting new ones, who we hope to see again. More photos from this event can be found here.

Left Photo (L–R): James Vletas, Tayler Martinez, Amy Rainwater, and Dana Blankenship.
Right Photo (L–R): Elisa Calderon-Sierra, Kevin Roberts, and Linda Meaders Wilson.


2023 IPMA

Kevin Roberts, Dean Pallas, and Cindy Wamsley attended the 39th Annual International Practice Management Association Conference and Expo on October 11-13. We enjoy this fantastic sponsorship opportunity each year and connecting in smaller settings at pre-conference events makes it that much more special.

Photo (L–R): Daniel Steigert, Candace Martin, Alison Sinclair, Kathy Anderson, Karen Anderson, and Kevin Roberts.

A Closer Look with...

Krista Abair

1999 · Austin · Operations

What’s your current role with Capitol Services? What was your first role with the company?

I am currently the Service Operations Initiatives Coordinator. Essentially, I coordinate new initiatives and products, process improvements, training, etc. My first role with Capitol Services was a part-time CSR in the Corporate department, back when I was in college. I rode my dinosaur to the office and then went to work faxing documents, typing things on the typewriter, and hand-writing FedEx air bills (all by candlelight).

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

I love spending a day visiting wineries out in the hill country, enjoying good food, and spending time with my husband and friends. (Knitting while binge-watching shows and snuggling with my furry sidekicks is pretty great, too.)

Do you have a favorite holiday? Why or why not?

I love any occasion that provides an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. It is so fun to carry on existing traditions and create new ones.

Where’s the next place on your travel bucket list and why?

We hope to go to England next year. My husband and I had a quick honeymoon in Sonoma County (California) after our wedding, but think of this UK trip as another honeymoon.


Austin Deardorff

2022 · Austin · Operations

What’s your current role with Capitol Services? What was your first role with the company?

Assistant Service Operations Manager, but I got my start as a CSR in our Registered Agent department.

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

Donuts. Hoops. Movies.

Do you have a favorite holiday? Why or why not?

Halloween. Have you seen Hocus Pocus?!

Where’s the next place on your travel bucket list and why?

Greece. I want to eat all the gyros.

Capitolly Ever After


Grayson Solt

Baby Solt

Kristi Solt (Austin — Sales) and her husband, Brandon welcomed their second-born, Grayson James, on October 20, 2023. Baby Solt weighed in at 7 pounds and 11 ounces, 21″ long, and joins big sister Madison (2).



Our UCC Research team is joined by Trevor Hartupee, who recently moved to Texas from neighboring Louisiana. Trevor is armed with a degree in history with a concentration in Chinese studies, but has an interest in all time periods and regions. He enjoys reading and live music, and on the weekends if he’s not chillaxing in a coffee house, you may find him outside soaking up some nature. This LSU fan always makes time for an in-stadium Saints game at least once per season!

Our UCC Research team also welcomes recent University of Texas graduate Thao Ly. Thao’s family moved to the Austin area from Vietnam when she was 8 years old, where she stayed to pursue her college degree in economics and minor in Mandarin Chinese. Before joining us, she spent many years as a barista at a local coffee shop where she perfected the craft of latte art. Appropriately, she and her boyfriend recently adopted 2 kittens and named them affectionately Toffee(nut) and Hazel(nut) as a nod to her fondness of all things coffee.

Our ARMS team welcomes Jada McKennery, who brings with her a strong customer service background. Jada is originally from Jonesville, Louisiana, and comes from a very close-knit family. So close, that she jumped at the opportunity to move to Texas to live with her aunt. YOLO! Armed with a degree in health science, she considers herself a foodie and enjoys making time to exercise. Her most recent vacation was a trip to California with her family this past summer, where they explored the beautiful cities of Malibu, Venice, and Long Beach.

Ed Benson joins us in the newly implemented role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) to lead our IT Network and Development teams, helping drive the future of the company. Ed has extensive executive experience in business operations, finance, innovation, and technology. Originally from New Jersey, he earned his bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University followed by 2 master’s degrees at the University of Texas. He is client-focused, collaborative, and personable, and we’re excited to see where he takes us.

Our Registered Agent team has happily onboarded Milo Tucker, whose previous experience with database management makes him a great fit for the team. Native to the area, when Milo isn’t spending time with his girlfriend and 2 cats, you can find him in a lot of places, but you won’t find him bored! Playing bass guitar, rock climbing, shooting, and gaming are just some of the things he enjoys doing, and when he’s ready for an escape, he loves hanging out on Florida beaches and off-roading through the Rocky Mountains. Fun fact: Milo is exceptionally colorblind and can hold his breath for 2 minutes (we’ll take his word on that).


Deborah Klein is local to the Dover area and joins us bringing prior industry experience. She is mom to an adult daughter and spends her free time cozy in her century home with her crew of dogs, 2 Pit Bull mixes, 1 Chihuahua, and 1 Chihuahua mix. Deborah is a former nationally ranked amateur pool player, having previously participated in 6 American Poolplayers Association Amateur League tournaments and once placed as high as 17th in the nation. Needless to say, we think she’ll have all of your important documents covered from all angles.


Born in Maine, Merritt Walker made her way to Florida’s Cocoa Beach in 2000 with her family for her father’s job position with NASA. She relocated to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University, and it’s been home ever since. Merritt’s family consists of her 3-year-old daughter and 2 dogs, Blue and Moose, a Boxer-Mastiff and German Shepherd. She’s currently into crocheting, but always enjoys crafting and baking when time allows, and she’ll probably be listening to some Taylor Swift, BoyGenius, or Ghost, while she’s at it. 


Talking Taiko with Sachi

Sachi Nelson
Austin Taiko

While drums have been used in warfare, rituals, and celebration for thousands of years, the Japanese ensemble performance art of taiko (which translates directly to “drum”) wasn’t spawned until the 1950s. A jazz musician conceptualized a group of performers, each playing a different type of drum, performing in unison to act collectively as a drum set. He called this style of drumming kumi-daiko, and his mission lives on today through modern taiko across the world.

Sachi Nelson (Austin — Registered Agent), whose heritage is half Japanese, grew up with the American side of her family and sought connection to her other side. She first stumbled upon taiko through a feature at a Cirque du Soleil performance. Having previously been a drummer in a band, she was enthralled by the primal beat and the sound deeply resonated with her. When she found herself walking into a library a week later only to find local group Austin Taiko performing, she knew immediately that she wanted to be a part of it.

While Austin Taiko performs for many occasions ranging from local marathons and sumo matches to Asian festivals and educational programs, her favorite performance to date was at the premiere of director Wes Anderson’s movie, Isle of Dogs, where they performed as actors Jeff Goldblum, Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray, and others walked the red carpet, later receiving personal compliments from Mr. Murray, himself.

“Emotionally, it resonates with both my heart and soul and there is a great sense of peace amid the noise and energy.” – Sachi Nelson

We’d like to give a big shout-out to the following employees who are celebrating 5 or more years with the Capitol Services group of companies this quarter. Thank you!
Linda Frank 12/01/1993 Albany
Barbara Kaulfuss 10/17/1994 Albany
Vickie Schulle 11/06/1995 Austin
Corrine Gonzales 10/01/2004 Austin
Parrish Madonia 12/03/2007 Baton Rouge
Jennifer Woodrome 11/01/2011 Austin
Korie Steele 11/16/2011 Dover
Mary Fink 11/28/2011 Dover
Linda Gemuenden 11/26/2012 Austin
Kevin Roberts 12/16/2014 Tallahassee
Lucky Yang 11/16/2015 Sacramento
Holden Kennedy
Jan Yeager
Joseph Robledo

Where's Logo?


Logo is hanging loose in Waipi’o Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii. Lookin’ good, Logo!

Get your good lookin’ self in our newsletter! Just take a photo in your Capitol Services t-shirt on your next trip and share it with us.

Logo in Hawaii



Foreign corporations registered with the Nevada Secretary of State are required to make an annual publication in 2 issues of a newspaper published in Nevada. Don’t fret! Nevada publications are now included as a standard part of our Annual Report Management Service (ARMS).

Above and Beyond

Shawna Smith
Shawna Smith

Shawna Delivers:

“Shawna was able to look at what I needed on a rush basis and was able to provide a confidence level that I’d be able to make a deadline! Shawna went ABOVE and BEYOND again. She deserves a Hooray!”

— Pam B. – Houston, TX

Capitol Always Pulls It Off:

“Just wanted to thank you and your team. Thank you for Capitol always prioritizing our account. There have been times when the turnaround time is impossible and Capitol always seems to pull it off. I can’t thank y’all enough.”

— Brandy M. – Dallas, TX

Doing the Job in Record Time:

“Thank you. We continue to lean on Capitol Services to get us through many rush crunches and Capitol Services always does the job in record time!!”

— Robynne H. – Dallas, TX

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