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June 2022 | Vol. 34 | No. 2
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New Austin Headquarters

We’re incredibly excited to announce that our Austin headquarters is expanding into a shiny new office space, better suited to meet your needs and those of our ever-growing staff. We’ll officially be in our new location effective July 5 and we’ll be sure to alert you so that our address can be updated as necessary.



States across the country are warning businesses about deceptive solicitations posing as government correspondence. Often citing state statutes and/or containing an official looking seal, these solicitations can fool unsuspecting and well-meaning businesses into paying for certificates, annual minutes, annual reports, renewal filings, and other compliance services that they may not need.

Recently, there has been an uptick in misleading communications relating to Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) services. Be wary of mailings labeled “Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement Request Form” containing a response deadline and asking for your business information and payment in order to obtain information on UCC financing statements you have on file. Although these mailings may look official, they are pure solicitations.

In addition to sending misleading solicitations by mail and email, scammers have been calling businesses and posing as the Secretary of State’s office in an attempt to get the business to reveal company information and order unnecessary certificates and other documents.

If you have a question as to whether a piece of correspondence or phone call you receive is a sneaky solicitation from an unscrupulous scammer, feel free to reach out to us to investigate and verify.


Celebrating 44 Years

April 24 marked our 44th year in business. We’re grateful for your business, grateful for our amazing crew, and grateful for another year of opportunity. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Did You Know?

2019 DELAYS ≠ 2022 DELAYS

Allow for Delay

COVID closures, logistical bottlenecks, and short-staffed filing offices continue to pose challenges for customers used to submitting and receiving filings on an expedited basis. Unfortunately, we’re seeing these significant delays in very high-volume jurisdictions further exacerbating the impact on closings. We mentioned Delaware delays in our last issue of the newsletter and we’re not seeing much of an improvement there. “Next Day” expedites are currently running about a full week to receive filed evidence, but that is far superior to the 3-month turnaround for routine processing. Delaware, however, is not alone. UCC Filings in New York are a good 10-15 days out and copy requests can run 2 weeks to a month to get back. Unfortunately, there is no expedited service available there. In California, most filings are taking 4+ weeks to finalize evidence and expedite is only available for online filings with additional fees upwards of $750. UCCs in the Golden State are taking their time as well — around 3+ weeks. Even in Texas where, thankfully, we have seen some improvement, preclearances and mergers can still cause us to wait 3 weeks for evidence. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Don’t miss your filing date. File early. There simply are no margins for error and unfortunately, though we’ve fielded so many of your pleas, there is very little we can do to get our contacts at the filing offices to prioritize, or even offer an estimate of completion for all of our many pending submissions. Don’t wait! Contact us now to get your filings on the fast(ish) track!

Events and Happenings


Tom Woodrome at STLPA

We eased ourselves back into the post-pandemic event circuit in St. Louis, Missouri, on May 6. Tom Woodrome represented Capitol Services in the Business Partner Showcase at the STLPA’s 45th annual Paralegal Day. Reconnecting in-person with many clients and friends, and meeting some for the first time made this historically wonderful event all that much more enjoyable.

Right: Tom Woodrome.

Kevin Roberts and Lucynda Wood at IACA

We were thrilled to support the International Association of Commercial Administrators in-person at their 45th Annual Conference. This year’s event was held in Phoenix May 15–19 and included sessions on the Corporate Transparency Act and business identity theft, among other topics. Lucynda Wood, general counsel, and Kevin Roberts, vice president, represented Capitol Services.

Above: Second Vice-President Maureen Ewing, Director of Arizona Corporation Commission and the President of the IACA Board of Directors Tanya Gibson, motivational speaker Jean Briese, Kevin Roberts, and Lucynda Wood. 

A Closer Look with...

Dana Blankenship


2000 · Houston · Sales

What do you need more of?

Critters and plants.

What’s the best thing to happen to you this year?

This year.

What is something people do you feel is the equivalent of playing Russian roulette?

Driving in Houston.

What would be your dream car?

If I had a fancy car in my hood, it would not be good.


Tom Woodrome


2015 · Austin · Sales

What do you need more of?

Keurig cups. I am always running out and drink 3-4 cups a day!

What’s the best thing to happen to you this year?

I went to Cabo. That was awesome.

What is something people do you feel is the equivalent of playing Russian roulette?

Helicopter rides. You’re out of your minds. Don’t do it. Also — simply looking down from a tall building. Stop it.

What would be your dream car?

Porsche Carrera GT or the Ferrari F40. Would be a nice 10 year work anniversary gift from John and Cheryl. Color optional!

Capitolly Ever After


Sharpley-VanSteele Wedding

The VanSteeles

Teresa Sharpley-VanSteele (Albany) and Scott VanSteele eloped in an intimate ceremony at Stickney Brook in Dummerston, Vermont, on October 22, 2021. They extended their elopement weekend with a Rhode Island getaway, and in November officially honeymooned on a 10-day Caribbean cruise.

Prasad Wedding

The Prasads

Jason Prasad (Sacramento) wed wife, Veronica, in a scenic rooftop wedding overlooking the Pacific Ocean on April 3, 2022, in Laguna Beach, California. They continued their stay to enjoy their honeymoon in a beachfront suite with a beautiful ocean view. 


Adeline Davis Ingram

Adeline Davis

Amari Ingram (Austin — UCC) and husband, Pierce, welcomed Adeline Davis into the world on March 29. Weighing 5 pounds 2 ounces and measuring 18.5 inches long, she joins big brother, Miller (2).



Our Registered Agent team welcomes Maricela Cantu on board. Outside of work, Maricela enjoys home improvement and furniture restoration projects, and loves spending time outside camping, hiking, and at the beach. Originally from San Benito, Maricela and her husband have 3 children, 9 grandchildren, and a 16-year-old Dachshund named Happy.

Kaleigh Goodman joins our Corporate team with several years of industry experience. This diehard Trekkie’s ultimate goal is to make it out to the annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas every year, but her most memorable experience may very well be joining Katy Perry on stage as she performed “Hot N Cold” at the Vans Warped Tour. Having once owned an online vintage store, Kaleigh collects vinyl records and books, and she loves spending time with her 3-legged dog, Stevie.

Our UCC Online Research team is joined by Fred Winguth, who originally moved to Austin from Arlington to attend the University of Texas. Fred loves spending time outdoors; this sailing instructor recently traded water for land as he explored the caves of Enchanted Rock. He’s currently training for his first triathlon.

Our IT group has expanded with the addition of Javier Ayala, who joins with a focus on quality assurance. Originally from San Antonio, Javier lives just north of Austin, not far from his brother and one of two sisters. His most memorable vacation to date was a 10-day exploration of Cairo, Egypt, where he visited the pyramids and Grand Market among other Egyptian must-sees. He’s also your phone-a-friend for ’80s band trivia — name a band and he’ll name at least one song!

The company is thrilled to welcome Carlo Francia, who joins in a newly created position as our Learning and Development Coordinator. This is a much-needed role that will facilitate the education and training of the company’s new hires. Originally from the Philippines, Carlo moved to central Texas in 2005. In his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and running. He and his wife both participate in half-marathons and their biggest fan may very well be their Pomeranian, Shadow. Most memorable vacations to date include New York City and Seoul, Korea.


Jared Margerison joins our Dover office bringing industry experience to the team. Outside of work, Jared has been teaching himself to sew and further channels his creative energy as a drag queen in the local drag show scene. His most memorable vacation was venturing to the Great Smoky Mountains to visit Dolly Parton’s Dollywood in Tennessee, but he also loves local weekend getaways to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to spend time with friends. Ask him about his “son”, Kraken, who is possibly the friendliest cat you’ll ever meet!

Our Dover crew is also excited to welcome Gwen Stubbs, who joins with both real estate and paralegal experience. Having obtained a Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management from St. Petersburg College, Gwen is an avid animal lover and has 2 Pomeranians of her own, Cooper and Parker. She currently resides in the small town of Smyrna, just outside of Dover, and loves spending time at the beach with her dogs.


Special Little Cakes

Dana Rinozzi‘s (Austin — ARMS) cupcake game is strong. Like, really strong. Spending countless hours watching cake decorating shows on television, she always knew it was something she wanted to try one day. The gift of a 100-piece cake decorating tool kit for Christmas 2020 presented the perfect opportunity to start, and her pursuit of the ultimate cupcake took flight in February 2021. Self-taught and learning as she goes, she hasn’t slowed down since.

Dana Rinozzi

A batch of 2 dozen cupcakes can take anywhere from 3-6 hours, depending on the complexity. For inspiration, her family will suggest flavor requests for upcoming gatherings. She then likes to take those ideas and add an element that requires her to learn a new technique. She enjoys the challenge of experimenting with new cupcake fillings and toppings — among those have been caramel, custard, curd, and fruit fillings. Her favorite cupcakes to date were created for a holiday party: vanilla cakes with cranberry mascarpone filling, white chocolate buttercream, and sparkling cranberries on top.

“Something about these special little cakes just brings people happiness. I have fun creating them, and they love eating them.” – Dana Rinozzi

When asked what advice she’d give someone interested in picking up the hobby, she says, “Start with a few simple recipes until you get them right, and don’t be too hard on yourself. When things go wrong (and they will), keep trying!”

Left to Right: Reese’s Peanut Butter, German Chocolate, Sparkling Cranberry White Chocolate, and Oreo Cookie.

We’d like to give a big shout-out to the following employees who are celebrating 5 or more years with the Capitol Services group of companies this quarter. Thank you!
Cheryl Roberts 4/24/1978 Austin
John Robinson 4/24/1978 Austin
Joe Bernal 6/01/1979 Austin
Sandra Wakeman 5/17/1990 Austin
Kelli Roberts 6/24/1993 Austin
Teresa Sharpley-VanSteele 4/24/1996 Albany
Michelle Ellis 6/24/1996 Carson City
Cynthia Darity 6/01/1998 Austin
Whitney Shunk 6/21/1999 Albany
Dana Blankenship 6/12/2000 Houston
Michael Stanley 5/01/2001 Austin
Dean Pallas 5/24/2004 Atlanta
Ida James 5/16/2007 Austin
Lucynda Wood 6/01/2007 Austin
Shawna Smith 6/04/2007 Baton Rouge
Laura Ochoa 6/16/2010 Austin
Lo Saechao 6/30/2012 Sacramento
Dana Rinozzi 4/08/2013 Austin
Jason Fischer 6/30/2013 Austin
Tana Perez 5/08/2013 Austin
Jessica Say 6/24/2013 Dover
Yvette Cleveland 4/16/2014 Austin
Amari Ingram 6/16/2014 Austin
Alison Prudhomme 6/23/2014 Austin
Tony Fisher 4/10/2017 Tallahassee
Ryan Bergeron 5/1/2017 Austin
Giovanni Gobbi 5/24/2017 Austin
Mary Tamez 5/24/2017 Austin

Where's Logo?


Logo mingling with the luck of the Irish at an IACA social event in Phoenix, Arizona.

Get your good lookin’ self in our newsletter! Just take a photo in your Capitol Services t-shirt on your next trip and share it with us. 

Logo in Hawaii



Please scroll up to read “Did You Know?”. (No, seriously. Read it again. That’s our #CapitolProTip, and it’s a really important one right now.)

Above and Beyond

Kristi Solt Lynette Bass Kelsey Hjornevik
Kristi Solt Lynette Bass Kelsey Hjornevik

Outstanding Kristi:

“I would like to offer my appreciation for Kristi Solt, an outstanding member of the Capitol Services team and a valuable asset of your company. In my experience as both a long time professional and a business owner, someone like Kristi adds considerable value to the workplace and organization’s public brand.”

— Buz B. – Dallas, TX

Some Lynette Love :

“Lynette for the win!!! You slayed it today! Thanks so much for accommodating us with your quick work. We appreciate you!!”

— Hillary K. – Grand Rapids, MI

Kelsey the Lifesaver:

“If this was Yelp I’d give you 6 stars out of a possible 5. Thanks. Absolute lifesaver.”

— Andrew R. – Denver, CO

Staying in Touch

As we celebrate our anniversary this quarter, it’s fun to look back and reflect on how drastically times have changed since we started our business 44 years ago. We didn’t even have computers back in 1978 and, today, almost all of our work is done electronically. Paper filings are now few and far between. Not only is our work now done on the computer but our employees no longer even have to be in the office to do it. They are able to access our systems virtually and many of our employees split their time between working from home and the office. Back in the ’70s the idea of this kind of work environment would have been straight out of The Jetsons.

When we launched Capitol Services we did, of course, have an office. Our home away from home consisted of two small rooms adjacent to the Texas Capitol grounds making runs to the Secretary of State’s office very convenient. Now, we’re looking forward to moving into a modern new space just outside the downtown area complete with the latest in high-tech computer equipment and custom furniture.

We’ve not only grown in office space and employees over the last four decades, we’ve also grown a strategic focus on training and onboarding. We have transitioned from solely side-by-side training to the development of a comprehensive learning platform with over 200 custom video classes and tutorials. And in May we were delighted to welcome our first full-time training coordinator to enhance this process as we continue to grow.

Buckle up George, Jane, Judy, and Elroy — who knows where the future will take us?

A trusted nationwide provider of registered agent, corporate, and lien services since 1978.
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