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September 2021 | Vol. 33 | No. 3
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Special Delaware Edition


108 Lakeland Ave
Korie Steele and Kathy Ballard
(L-R) Korie Steele and Kathy Ballard

After 10 years at the same location in Dover we finally have a brand new office building to call our own. We excitedly welcomed the entire Dover crew to their new digs on September 7.

Our first Delaware office started with 4 employees who are still with us today to share this exciting milestone. The Fab Four are Wayne Rafanelli, Janine Bequette, Denisha Embry, and Sadi Boyette. Thanks to their efforts, our service team has grown by leaps and bounds.

The new office space is more than twice the size of the previous facility. We no longer will have employees working in the break room and officing in the hallway. There is now ample space for everyone, with room to grow.

As Janine put it, “We really do have the best team around and I truly believe that we only get better and better with each person that joins us.”

Thanks to a great group of employees and clients who have made this expansion both necessary and possible!

Effective August 30, 2021, Capitol Services has a new physical address in Dover. We have filed the necessary amendments with the Secretary of State to reflect this change at no cost to our registered agent clients. Please update your records as necessary:

Capitol Services Inc.
108 Lakeland Ave
Dover, DE 19901

We want to remind you that our registered agent service addresses change frequently. A complete list of current registered agent addresses can always be found by accessing your Client Dashboard or by calling our registered agent team at 800.345.4647.



Did You Know?


Delaware definitely likes to be first. It was the first state to ratify the Constitution, and it’s often the first choice for many business entity formations. Below are 5 possibly lesser-known facts about this “Small Wonder”:

  1. Delaware is home to more businesses than people.
  2. The Delaware Court of Chancery was established almost 230 years ago and has written most of the U.S. corporation case law.
  3. Approximately 340 of the Fortune 500 claim Delaware as their legal home.
  4. Delaware registers more businesses annually than any other state with nearly 250,000 new businesses registered in 2020.
  5. Our Delaware office is staffed from 8am – 7pm Eastern with industry veterans well-versed in the intricacies of any form of filing and not just in Delaware.

Capitol Services likes to be first, too. We’d love to be your go-to service provider when you need assistance with your Delaware registration and beyond!

These and other interesting facts about Delaware can be found at

A Closer Look with...


Wayne Rafanelli
What does your typical Friday night look like?

If the kids are around, movies, Trivial Pursuit, other games, and wine. If they aren’t around, wine.

— Wayne Rafanelli
Janine Bequette
What’s special about your hometown?

That I don’t have one. My dad and both grandpas retired from the US Air Force; I’m literally not from anywhere and my family is scattered throughout the USA. I have lived in Dover, Delaware, for 22 years and although not the prettiest place I’ve ever lived, it’s pretty awesome because we are close to so much — 2 hours in any direction and you can be in Philly, Baltimore, DC or at the beach or in the mountains; that’s pretty cool!

— Janine Bequette
Denisha "Dee" Embry
What song best describes your life? Why?

One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston. I have struggled with ups and downs but I am climbing closer to my goals every day.

— Denisha (Dee) Embry
Korie Steele
What first impression do you want to give people?

That I’m a hard working mom and sister who tries to be an open book and honest the best way I can.

— Korie Steele
Sadi Boyette
What does your typical Friday night look like?

My Friday nights vary. Mostly I like spending time with my hubby and kids after a long work week. If the weather is nice, we try and do something outside. Riding bikes, hiking, and kayaking are some summer things we do often. We also love camping. We have a really nice camper so we go “glamping” a lot. During the winter months we sort of hibernate and watch Netflix and eat lots of snacks.

— Sadi Boyette
Brittni French
What’s special about your hometown?

My hometown of Milford is only 9.861 square miles. You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone you know.

— Brittni French
Karen Elliott
What song best describes your life? Why?

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with Lupus and Sjogrens. Both of these cause daily symptoms, some easy to manage, some not so easy to manage. Each day I am grateful to wake up and accomplish everything I need to accomplish. It was a long road to get to my diagnosis. Those years remind me that I am better than I was and will continue to be better than I am. I also have a “Strength” tattoo that reminds me that I have what it takes to not let anything stop me or hold me down.

— Karen Elliott
Lisa Rhodes
What first impression do you want to give people?

Hmm never really thought about it much because I typically try to avoid people; not a huge people-person and prefer to either be by myself or with my husband. But I suppose if I have to interact, I’d like to come across as friendly and approachable because when I finally get warmed up to someone I will go out of my way to give them the world, even at my own expense. It’s a blessing and a curse. 🙂

— Lisa Rhodes
Jessica Say
What does your typical Friday night look like?

Wrestling a toddler into bed and wrestling with my own desire to stay up late while also wanting to go to sleep early.

— Jessica Say
Estrella Thomas
What’s special about your hometown?

Laredo, Texas, is home to some of the BEST food around. But, I grew up mostly in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that comes in at a close second!

— Estrella Thomas
Kathy Ballard
What song best describes your life? Why?

The Mighty Mouse theme song: Here I Come to Save the Day.

— Kathy Ballard
Megan Bilbrough
What first impression do you want to give people?

Team work makes the dream work and I am here to help!

— Megan Bilbrough

Capitolly Ever After



Adrianna Lombardi joins our Albany office where she’ll assist our Support team. Adrianna is an avid boxer and also takes her fitness to a whole new level through hiking, as she’s conquered 2 of New York’s Adirondack 46ers. Her co-workers will likely love that Adrianna was a chef for 10 years, having previously owned and operated a local bistro and bakery with her mother.


Our UCC Online Research team has gained Pablo Tamez, whose prior experience as a Landman has already familiarized him with county lien index research. Pablo is originally from Robstown, Texas, and his family includes his wife of 19 years and their 4 children. Pablo enjoys cooking, sports, woodworking, golf and travel.

Our Registered Agent team gives a warm welcome to Jacob Kapitaniuk, a 2020 graduate from Wheaton College. This soccer enthusiast and recent Austin transplant conveniently relocated in time to enjoy Austin FC, the city’s new professional soccer league. He also loves reconnecting with his friends back home through video-gaming. Jacob and his new wife live with their fur-baby, a Border Collie-mix named Strider.

David Farmer has joined us as an office assistant and runner to facilitate the important task of delivering and returning important documents to local agencies. Originally from Dayton, Ohio, David recently moved to Austin to be closer to family and join the local stand-up comedy scene. Other than performing comedy, hobbies include hiking, cycling, cooking, and baking.

Our company is gaining a new Human Resources assistant with the addition of Lisa Korbe. Lisa enjoys cooking, gardening, and sports — especially NFL. Her favorite travel destinations are always to see her family in fabulous locales like Colorado, Las Vegas, and Napa. She’s mom to 3 adult children, 2 grandchildren, and was proudly adopted by her 2 favorite rescue dogs, Sophie and Jackson.

A new voice will be greeting you when you call our offices, as Becky Scribner has joined us as our new receptionist. Becky is well-versed on multi-line phone systems and also has experience as a customer service representative, making her a great fit. Native to Texas, she and her husband live locally with their Siamese cat, while her 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren live out-of-state. In her free time you may find her outside gardening or soaking up some hot Texas sun next to a body of water.

Our Registered Agent team is excited about the addition of Francis McLean, who comes to us with several years of industry experience. This native Austinite keeps active by running (most recently the Austin Half-Marathon), swimming, and biking around town with his wife. The McLean household includes Fleacy the cat and Pepita the dog, but things will be changing in early 2022 with the arrival of their first-born child.

Baton Rouge

Chevelon Collins joins our Baton Rouge crew with a background in banking and experience as a former deputy clerk. Having recently relocated back to her home state of Louisiana, Chevelon and her new husband are parents to her college-aged daughter and her husband’s 7-year-old son. Chevelon soaks up her much-loved beach time, but you won’t find her more than ankle-deep in water — she doesn’t know how to swim!

Terri Meyer joins our ARMS team with a degree in legal studies and a paralegal background to boot. Currently working towards her Master Gardener classification, Terri is passionate about organic gardening and has been living a vegetarian lifestyle for about 30 years now. This New Orleans native has been in Baton Rouge for 9 years now, but on any given Friday her heart lies in the Crescent City on the patio of Tipitina’s taking in some great live music.


We’re excited to welcome Courtney Lane to our Delaware branch, who brings with her valuable registered agent experience. Courtney and her fiancé have 2 pups, a German Shepherd named Zoey and a Pug named Winston, and are expecting their first child in December. When she’s not busy entertaining 2 pups and preparing for her impending arrival, she teaches marching band at a local high school.


Fenton Tran joins us bringing a strong set of customer service skills to his office team. Speaking of teams, this Kings fan is already loving the view from our office space, which overlooks the Golden 1 Center Arena. Fenton is also a Texas Hold ‘Em Poker enthusiast and once played a 24-hour session of the game — that level of dedication and focus should translate nicely for our clients’ important tasks.

Our west coast crew also welcomes Brian Bayan, who brings 20 years of industry experience. Brian believes in a balanced lifestyle by exercising to offset his snacking goals, and when not doing that, he can be found playing on local softball, tennis, and bowling leagues. He’ll be the first to tell you that his rescue cat, Drake, is the real MVP, though!


We’d like to give a big shout-out to the following employees who are celebrating 5 or more years with the Capitol Services group of companies this quarter. Thank you!
Carol Erwin 7/22/1991 Austin
Pauline Butler 8/24/1992 Austin
Donna Quickenton 8/18/1997 Albany
Natalie Holmes 8/03/1998 Albany
Bobbie Marmolejo 7/12/1999 Austin
Leigh Johnson 8/01/1999 Sacramento
Micah Caudle 7/23/2001 Austin
Mary Ybarra 9/27/2004 Austin
Geneva Harrison 8/29/2005 Austin
Mary Ann Quick 9/01/2005 Austin
Jason Brantley 7/16/2007 Austin
Annie Roberts 8/13/2007 Austin
Gerianne Lawrence 9/01/2007 Austin
Wayne Rafanelli 7/01/2011 Dover
Janine Bequette 7/25/2011 Dover
Sadi Boyette 8/10/2011 Dover
Denisha (Dee) Embry 8/12/2011 Dover
Lynette Bass 9/26/2011 Baton Rouge
Kay Crawford 9/03/2013 Austin
Jessica Davis 7/15/2014 Dover
Landon Russell 7/16/2014 Austin
Steve Elias 7/06/2015 Sacramento
Winter Gordon 8/10/2015 Baton Rouge
Brian Radecki 8/18/2015 Austin
Alicia Pacey 9/08/2015 Austin
Kathryn Ball 9/14/2015 Austin
Stephanie Herget 9/14/2015 Carson City

Where's Logo?


Logo proudly representing our new office in Dover, Delaware.

Get your good lookin’ self in our newsletter! Just take a photo in your Capitol Services t-shirt on your next trip and share it with us. 

Logo in Dover



Delaware taxes on domestic corporations can increase quickly! You may be able to lower your liability this year by using the State’s Assumed Par Value Capital method and prevent next year’s taxes from being excessive by amending the Certificate of Incorporation to decrease the number of authorized shares. The Delaware Secretary of State’s office offers a franchise tax calculator for both methods.

Above and Beyond

Karen Elliott Dee Embry Kathy Ballard
Karen Elliott Denisha (Dee) Embry Kathy Ballard

Above and Beyond, Every Single Time:

“Emailing to brag on Karen Elliott. I need everyone to know. She goes above and beyond every single time and she is just such a gem to work with. That’s all. She rocks. Capitol [Services] rocks.”

— Conor S. – Brookline, MA

Level of Service = Extra:

“I wanted to pass along the extra effort of Denisha Embry yesterday. Our client asked that a (last-minute filing be submitted and monitored) so our client could close on an important transaction, which then allowed other related transactions to proceed. Because of Dee’s efforts, all of the transactions were able to be completed. Of course, this is a common level of service we receive from Capitol Services, but thought Dee should receive some recognition.”

— Michael L.  – Dallas, TX

Just the Best:

“Dealing with Kathy Ballard was a joy. She was informative and very helpful and got everything filed quickly. You guys are just the best! “

— Kelley L. – Dallas, TX

Staying in Touch

We asked our original 4 Dover employees to share their reflections on the growth of the Delaware office over the past 10 years. We can’t say it any better than this.

Wayne: “I expected the office to succeed and be important but I didn’t expect this much growth. We’ve always had great people and we’ve continued to add more. We’ve also always had great support from the company. I can’t wait to see how things go in these next few years.”

Dee: “I feel honored to be one of the original Dover team members. We used to say that we were going to take over the industry, one company at a time. I don’t know if we have taken over but I know for sure we have let the competition know that we are here. I have so many memories with this team and I am looking forward to making new ones in our very own space.”

Sadi: “When I heard the news that Capitol Services was opening their own Dover office I knew that big things were going to happen. The Dover growth over the past 10 years has been AMAZING and I am not shocked at all. All the employees of Capitol Services in EVERY office played a huge role in the Dover growth because we work so well together.”

Janine: “The early days are some of my favorite days! I was super excited for the opportunity to work at Capitol Services and never could have imagined we would have grown by so much. I really did take a leap of faith back then and it landed me working with the best team I’ve ever worked with, doing work I love for people I truly respect. I’m looking forward to the next 10 years!”

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