Did You Know?

A Fresh Take

For this post of Did You Know?, we thought we’d switch it up a bit to give you valuable insight from a client’s perspective on their decision to invest in our Annual Report Management Service (ARMS).

Here’s some Q&A with Capitol Services’ ARMS client Kim M.:

Q: What was life like before enrolling in Annual Report Management Service (ARMS)?
Unorganized. We would file the reports when we got past-due notices.

Q: How has ARMS affected you and your company?
We’ve been able to get our reporting organized with visibility in one place.

Q: How much time would you say that ARMS saves you?
I couldn’t even imagine. With the number of companies we have, it would be a part-time job! Or a full-time job!

Q: What’s it like working with our ARMS team?
It’s great! Everybody is very prompt with their questions in all situations so our filings are made efficiently and on time. The stuff that needs to get done gets done; the ARMS team has been very flexible with our 3rd parties and they keep me on top of everything.

Q: Any unexpected benefits you’ve experienced with ARMS?
I feel more organized when we go into business deals knowing that we’re always in good standing.

Q: What’s one reason you’d recommend ARMS to your colleagues?
I like working with the team. The customer service is wonderful; super-helpful. We’re not just another number; if it’s important to me, it’s important to you guys. And that doesn’t always happen in today’s day.

Q: What would you say to a client who might be considering ARMS?
Do it. Yes, it costs money, but there’s always a cost — it’s whether you want to pay someone on your staff to do it, and not always have the security of them knowing what they’re doing. If it’s not right, you’ll have late fees and more costs to get back into good standing. So there’s always a cost — ARMS is absolutely worth it.

To experience how ARMS can make your life easier, reach out today for a quote.