A Closer Look With…

Dee Embry — 2011 | Dover

A Closer Look With — Photo of Dee

What is standing between you and your biggest dream?
Nothing at all. I feel like I am on track to accomplishing everything that I have dreamed. No one and nothing can stop what is meant for you.

Have you ever gotten anything autographed? If so, what and by whom?
Yes, I have an autographed picture signed by Michael Oher when he played for the Baltimore Ravens.

What band would you love to be a roadie for?
Beyoncé comes to mind first. The prices that I have paid to see her in concert should have earned me a place on stage. I’d also have to say Queen because they release my inner rock star.

What is priceless to you?
Family and self-love.

The quickest way to make you crazy is…
Not using manners. It costs zero dollars to use your manners. C’mon, people, who raised you?

What’s the longest you’ve ever waited in line for something? What was it?
A pair of sneakers; Michael Jordan sneakers to be exact. One of my daughters wanted a newly released pair so we got up early drove about 40 minutes to stalk the opening of the mall for an hour, then waited about two hours to make our purchase.

Do you have any hidden talents that would be considered strange? 
Well. maybe; I am highly intuitive. I often know things before they happen for absolutely no reason. Most of the time my information comes from my dreams or day dreams.

Have you ever done anything that is out of character for you?
Yes, I attended PennHurst Haunted Asylum – a haunted hospital attraction – when I was new to the company. I didn’t want to say no because I wanted to be a part of the team and get to know everyone. I had a great time, and the girls here (Janine, Korie, and Sadi) still tell the story of how I lost my hair running for my life!

Korie Steele — 2011 | Dover

A Closer Look With — Photo of Korie

What is standing between you and your biggest dream?
Nothing; my biggest dream was to own a nice house, get married, and have beautiful babies. I’ve overly exceeded all three.

Have you ever gotten anything autographed? If so, what and by whom?
A lot of people probably don’t remember the old Folgers coffee commercial back in the ’90s. The song was done by the group Rockapella. They were my first concert and my first autograph.

What band would you love to be a roadie for?
100% Aerosmith! Would love to hang out and party like the old school rock bands! Maybe with a lot less drugs and alcohol!

What is priceless to you?
My daughter, Allexi (14) and my son, Brayden (11), are my earth, moon, and sun! My life does not exist without the two of them in it!

What makes you feel rested and refreshed?
I’m a water baby. Anything having to do with water calms me down and makes me at peace.

What was your biggest “Ah-ha!” moment or revelation?
When my husband joined the military. We started dating when I was 15 years old. My husband and I had been together for 10 years before he decided to join the Army; I gave him my blessing and support. I didn’t realize until he joined how strong and independent I can be.

Would you travel to space if given the opportunity?
Heck yes! I might not be able to look out the window because I’m afraid of heights, but I would do it just to say I did and then probably get sick. =)

What one thing in particular makes you feel good about yourself?
Watching my kids grow up and seeing what great humans they are becoming. Knowing that I had a little something to do with who they will become in the future. My Allexi is going to be president one day and take over the world!

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