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Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2018
Registered Agent
$ 200.00Annual Fee, per entity per state
 (Volume discounts available for multiple entities)
$ 100.00Annual Report Management Service (ARMS), per filing (Volume discounts available for multiple entities)

$ 25.00Certified or Plain Copies
$ 80.00Document Filing
$ 25.00Certificate of Good Standing
$ 25.00Assumed Name Search/Copies
$ 50.00Name Reservation
$ 80.00Document Preparation
$ 100.00Apostille or Notary
$ 100.00Legalization or Authentication
$ 125.00Merger or Conversion Filing

$ 30.00UCC Search
$ 40.00Local-Index Search (same name, same index)
$ 30.00Litigation or Bankruptcy Search, per index
$ 30.00UCC Filing
$ 40.00Mortgage or Land Record Filing

Note: Statutory fees, computer access fees, correspondent fees, copy costs, and delivery charges not included.