Best Practices

Prepare for Seasonal Setbacks

Some state offices are scheduled to be closed on December 31. Where this is the case, the last day to file corporate and UCC documents in 2018 may be December 28. Last minute jurisdictional office closings, reduced staff, and seasonal high volume will impact filing capabilities further, potentially resulting in delays in both filing and turnaround time.

In most jurisdictions, filings are not effective on the date postmarked or initially submitted. Rather, filings are typically effective on the date received in correct form. In some jurisdictions filings are not effective until they are actually processed by the filing office.

If possible, for date critical corporate documents:

  • Pre-clear complex filings, such as mergers.
  • Obtain all necessary tax clearances in advance for mergers, dissolutions, and withdraws.
  • Take advantage of delayed effective date provisions in jurisdictions where they are permitted.
  • Utilize expedited filing options (when available).

A list of office closings is maintained at: